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Carlo (born c. 1910) aka Charléno was an anonymous, probably French fetish and BDSM artist whose works were published in the 1930s. Most of his work has femsub themes. His style was a precursor to that of John Willie.

He illustrated several books, such as 'Dressage', 'Bagne de Femmes', 'Servitude', 'Dolly, Esclave', 'Despotisme Féminin', 'Cuir & Fouet', 'Dolorès Amazone', 'Le Cuir Triomphant', 'La Madone du Cuir Verni', 'Esclavage', 'La Reine Cravache' (all written by Alan Mac Clyde), 'L'Inquisiteur Moderne', 'Sévérités Perverses' (all by Juana Lapaz), 'Le Dominateur' (all by Aimé Van Rod), 'Cinglantes Épreuves', 'Le Chateau des Cuisants Souvenirs', 'Brûlants Plaisirs' (all by Désiré Van Rowel) and many other titles in the sado-masochistic genre.

Carlo also contributed to magazine Humour under the name Charléno. The real name behind those pseudonyms is unknown to us.

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