Candas Jane Dorsey (born November 16, 1952) is a Canadian poet and science fiction novelist.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Dorsey became a writer from an early age, and a freelance writer since 1980. She writes across genre boundaries, writing poetry, fiction, mainstream and speculative, short and long form, arts journalism and arts advocacy. Dorsey has also written television and stage scripts, magazine and newspaper articles, and reviews.

Dorsey currently teaches, does workshops and readings. She has served on the executive of the Writers' Guild of Alberta and SF Canada. In 1988, Dorsey received the Aurora, Canadian science fiction and fantasy award.

Dorsey lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Bibliography Edit

  • Results of the Ring Toss - 1976
  • Hardwired Angel - 1987
  • Machine Sex and Other Stories - 1988
  • Leaving Marks - 1992
  • Black Wine - 1997 (winner, James Tiptree, Jr. Award)
  • Vanilla and Other Stories - 2000
  • A Paradigm of Earth - 2001
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