Camping.OUT Conference was a 2-day event (in 2008?) held at Affirmations for Michigan youth in grades 8-12 to gather to talk about issues that affect them.[1] The Conference has its origin as a week-long camping experience[2] Camping.OUT (formerly "Camping Out").

The conference began with a day of seminars, broken up into three categories:

  1. OUT. For me,
  2. OUT. For us (including "How do we create a GSA in our school?" and "What does it mean to be Transgender?")
  3. OUT. For fun.

References Edit

  1. Camping.OUT provides opportunities for youth to learn about activism from #1639 of Between the Lines News.
  2. - About the Camp, archived 2009 March 10 by Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

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