Camilla de Castro (born Alessandro Caetano Kothenborger, April 20, 1979 - July 26, 2005) was a Brazilian transsexual adult film actress and model.

Biography Edit

Camilla de Castro worked with a number of photographers and had a regular spot on a Brazilian television show, Superpop. She "became something of a national celebrity transcending pornography, gender, sex and race".[1] and was respected and admired throughout the transgender adult entertainment community.


On July 26, 2005 she committed suicide when she leapt from her 8th-story apartment in São Paulo, Brazil while on an out of control drug binge.[2] She had announced her engagement to her boyfriend one month before, on June 26, 2005.[3] At the time of her death she was in negotiations to become the host of a new reality TV show in Brazil.

Adult filmography Edit

  • Big Ass She-Male Road Trip
  • Females & She-Males Only, Vol. 7
  • Freaky She-Male Farmgirls
  • My Girlfriend's Cock #2
  • Naughty Transsexual Nurses
  • Perfect 10
  • Rogue Adventures #10
  • Sneaky She-Males
  • Street She Males '
  • Teenage Transsexual Nurses 3
  • TGirl Fantasies, Vol. 5
  • Trans Amore 12
  • Transposed 3
  • Try A Tranny Vol. 3

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Sources Edit

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