The Cambridge University Students' Union Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Autonomous Campaign is a group which aims to support the needs of LBGT students at the University of Cambridge; sexual health, coming out and religious issues. Its autonomy means that it works with and are funded, but not controlled, by CUSU.


CUSU LBGT and CUSU Ents run a weekly gay night, all year round. As well as this, other events runs throughout term such as coffee afternoons or Sunday Socials: karaoke, Sunday lunch or bowling have been past outings and have been seen as an alternative to the clubbing atmosphere of Fusion. During freshers week, it introduces the new LBGT freshers to the world of Cambridge LBGT by hosting a more packed week of events.

Awareness Week is a campaign looking to bring the issues of LBGT to the forefront for a short period of time. In 2007, as an example, there was Speed Dating, a Bowling Night, a film night and the annual AGM, as well as talks on different LBGT issues.

During May Week, CUSU LBGT have a garden party for all the LBGT community and respective partners or guests.


The CUSU LBGT Constitution

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