COVERguy is a six-part Canadian Television series hosted by Mathieu Chantelois originally broadcast on OUTtv in 2005. Thirty aspiring male models compete for $1000 cash, a fashion photoshoot, a one-year membership to Goodlife Fitness Club and the front cover of abOUT Magazine. Chantelois is accompanied by celebrity stylist Maha Rishi.

Series One and Two were shot on location at Lüb Lounge, owned by one of the show's creators, in downtown Toronto, and is co-produced by Giant Productions.

Season Two premiered Sunday, October 1, 2006. The winner was Gerry King, a dancer who also went on to win the Montreal-based Priape clothing model search in spring 2007.

In Season Three, the location was changed to the Gladstone Hotel in the Toronto neighbourhood known as Queen Street West. Although the producers stated that they moved because the Gladstone was becoming a focal point for the young, chic demographic associated with Queen West, Lüb Lounge closed its doors the same summer. The first prize this year was also upgraded, to not only include the magazine cover and GoodLife membership, but the prestigious one-year contract as a model for Ginch Gonch underwear, based in Vancouver. Judges for the third series are model/entertainment reporter John Nightingale, transsexual actress & writer Nina Arsenault, and photographer Jim Armstrong.

Season four just finished production in Montreal at popular Club Unity Montreal. The season will air on OUTtv in the fall of 2008. Judges for this Montreal edition were Francisco Randez, Jean-Paul Gaultier's Male model, Plastic Patrick, an icon in Montreal's club scene and Paul Pabello, a talent scout for multiple circuit parties. The first prize this year is a one-year contract as a model for 3G underwear.


Country TV Network(s) Series Premiere Weekly Schedule
Canada OUTtv
Netherlands OUTTV
United States here!

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