The Broadway Corridor in Long Beach, California, is the name for the stretch of East Broadway between Downtown Long Beach and Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California where the majority of the city's gay-friendly businesses are located. Nearby 4th Street also has a number of gay-owned businesses and is the location of the Gay and Lesbian Center of Greater Long Beach.

The Broadway Corridor is also the location of several restaurants, specialty stores, and coffee houses. For example, Christy's, an upscale Italian restaurant previously owned by Sonny Bono's oldest daughter Christy Bono, is on Broadway.

Long Beach has one of the largest gay and lesbian populations in the country. The city's Pride parade, which goes down nearby Ocean Blvd., is the second largest in the United States, and is the second largest event in Long Beach after the Long Beach Grand Prix.

The Broadway Business Corridor Association is part of a renewed interest in the Broadway Corridor. With many historic homes in the area, including California bungalows, between Ocean Blvd. and 4th St., with Broadway in the center, there has been a recent gentrification of the neighborhood.

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