Whether you are a parent who just found out your son or daughter is gay, whether you are a pastor or a teacher trying to find out the truth behind what you’ve read, whether you’re an ordinary citizen looking for reliable information to put into a letter to your local newspaper or political representative, or whether you’re a teenager feeling alone as you try to sort out who you are and whether you can live up to other people’s expectations, this site is for you. And if you’re already out, proud, and on the front lines of the battle for gay rights, this site is for you too.

The purpose of this web site is to provide you with reliable information backed by the best available evidence. I hope to dispel some of the false information that is out there, and clearly show where it came from. I hope to call attention to the tactics used by so many who hold tremendous sway in this country. And I hope to do all of this in a way that respects everyone’s religious, moral and political beliefs.

This last point is important because no matter how you feel about gays and lesbians, any set of beliefs that are based on false information is inevitably weakened. A house built on sand, no matter how well constructed, will always fail sooner or later. Rock-solid facts make for a much better foundation, and this is true wherever you stand on the issues.

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