Bound & Gagged (ISSN 1058-6849) magazine was published by the Outbound Press from 1987 to 2005. The magazine was dedicated to the interests of gay bondage and discipline (BDSM) practictioners and provided articles about actual encounters, fictional encounters, techniques, fantasies and images of bound and gagged men. With the advent of the internet, the Outbound Press provided a web presence for Bound & Gagged readers and also began publishing electronic versions of the print magazine. The magazine often included articles by Larry Townsend, articles on bondage in the movies by Roger Roper, and advice columns by Patrick Califia.

According to Bob Wingate, owner of the Outbound Press, publisher and editor of Bound & Gagged,

"When Bound & Gagged first appeared on the scene, there was virtually nothing else out there. Drummer published bondage stories and photos from time to time, but there was nothing devoted to bondage in all its varied manifestations, from average guys simply cuffing and rope tying each other for fun, to whole ritualistic life-styles in leather and latex, making use of the most elegant and expensive restrictive devices—not to mention everything in between."

Suspension of OperationsEdit

Bound & Gagged was first published in November, 1987. The magazine suspended publication immediately after Issue 106 in June, 2005, as a result of three separate events which occurred in quick succession. Then-editor, Robert Davolt died on May 16th;[1] the bank offering merchant credit card privileges to The Outbound Press announced it would be revoking them due to the offerings the company sold consumers;[2] and finally, the revision of Chapter 2257 of the U.S. Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988 by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, which required that producers and publishers of pornography keep complete records of the names and ages of the subjects of video or still images.[3] The modifications to the Act which caused the decision to suspend publication pertained to the usage of non-U.S. citizens as models and increasing the size of compliance statements on all packaging and printed materials to approximately twice the size as had originally been required. All new compliances were retroactive to material produced in and after 1995.

Contrary to what was assumed by the magazine's followers and public, The Outbound Press was in complete compliance with all record-keeping aspects of both the initial Act and its revisions, the changes in packaging made it difficult for the Outbound Press, with an increasingly limited budget to comply with the demands and ultimately led to the determination to suspend operations of the magazine.[4]

Bound & Gagged maintains a skeleton website,[5] linking to owner Bob Wingate's blog and other various bondage-related companies that were a part of Bound & Gagged's online presence.


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