A bondage hook is a blunt-headed hook used for bondage purposes.

Face hooksEdit

Nose hookEdit

The basic nose hook model has two hooks fastened on the other end of a strap, one hook for each nostril. They may be used to force a person to bend his or her head backward in a domineering context.

Another common nose hook model has a strap with one hook on each end. The strap goes behind the head and hooks are put in the nostrils to stretch them open sideways.

Nose hooks are commonly depicted in Japanese bondage pornography.

Mouth hookEdit

The mouth hook looks similar to a sideways spreading nose hook. It also has a strap placed behind the head and one hook on each end but it is used for spreading a person's mouth open sideways.

Tail hookEdit

A tail hook is approximately a half-inch thick and has a ring on the straight end for a rope attachment. The curved end is inserted into either a vagina or anus. Tail hooks that are not pussy hooks are sometimes referred to by the term ass hook.

Butt hookEdit

A butt hook or an ass hook is a smooth, J-shaped hook about an inch in diameter, with a smoothly rounded end designed to be inserted into the Anus for bondage (BDSM) and BDSM play. The hook generally has an attachment point or eye at the other end for a rope or a chain. Common uses include affixing the hook to the wearer's hair or anus as a non-load bearing element in a suspension.

Pussy hookEdit

The pussy hook (also known as pussy hanger) is a special model of tail hook. It has a sharper angle and longer shaft than a normal tail hook. It is also thicker than a normal tail hook (approximately one inch thick). Some models have a ring at the end for a rope to be attached (much like the other hooks). Anchor shaped double pussy hooks exist for two simultaneous users.

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