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Bondage cuffs are restraints designed for the practice of consensual sexual bondage. They are wide wrist and ankle restraints generally made of leather, often padded with soft leather or fake fur. They are secured around the wrist or ankle, and the cuff is then attached to another cuff or other object.

They are often equipped with D-ring attachments or buckles to fit nylon webbing restraints.

They are typically used as a set of four to attach each wrist cuff (directly or indirectly) to the corresponding ankle cuff, thus putting the wearer in a sexually vulnerable position. This is a convenient way to create a hogtie. Alternatively, a pair of ankle cuffs can be used together with thigh-width straps to create a frogtie.

They can also be used in conjunction with leg spreaders.

Bondage cuffs are designed to be safer than handcuffs. The use of handcuffs, even with soft coverings, for bondage can, in some instances, lead to severe and permanent damage of nerves, blood vessels, and body extremities. Unlike bondage cuffs, the primary design goals of handcuffs are not comfort and safety, but immobilization and prevention of escape.

Ordinary bondage cuffs are not designed to be safe when used to carry any significant load. Suspension cuffs are a specialized form of bondage cuffs, designed to be used to suspend the body during suspension bondage without injury.

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