A bondage belt is a wide waist belt used in bondage, sporting D-rings or attachment points. It is a physical restraint popular in BDSM play and usually used as an anchoring point for other restraints such as bondage cuffs. Bondage belts may also be worn as fetish clothing.

Most bondage belts are made of fabric or leather as these materials tend to be more comfortable and better distribute pressure over the skin. The belts usually fasten with buckles; some feature locking means.

The belt itself should never be used to hold one's weight in suspension bondage, as it may slip upward to bear pressure on the lower ribs and/or cut into the diaphragm and interfere with breathing.

Medical restraints similar to bondage belts exist for institutional use as bed and wheelchair restraints.

Lengths of simple leather strapping with buckles are sometimes also referred to as bondage belts, because they can be used quickly to bind limbs.

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