Rev Dr Robert E. Goss, Bob Goss, was brought up in a devout Roman Catholic family and felt called to the priesthood, being ordained as a Jesuit in 1976.

He left the Jesuits in 1978 going on to receive a Th.D. in Comparative Religion from Harvard University.

Goss taught in the Religious Studies Department of Webster University (1994-2004), and served as chair of the Department. His denial of tenure by the University was controversial with allegations being made that this was due to Goss' outspoken views on sexuality.

He has been involved in Queer organizations such as ACT UP, Queer Nation, and the gay Roman Catholic group DignityUSA.

Goss has served as co-chair of the Gay Men's Issues in Religion Group of the American Academy of Religion. While teaching he won the 2000 Templeton Course Prize in Religion & Science.

He serves on the National Advisory Board of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry of the Pacific School of Religion.

In 1995 he transferred his clergy credentials to the Metropolitan Community Church, serving congregations in St. Louis and now North Hollywood.

His published works include:

  • Jesus ACTED UP: A Gay and Lesbian Manifesto (1993)
  • Queering Christ: Beyond Jesus ACTED UP (2002)

Goss is currently co-editing a translesbigay commentary on all the books of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. He is also currently a professor at California State University, Northridge where he teaches comparative religions.

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