The Black Gay Men's Advisory Group is an organization of African and Afro-Caribbean descended gay or bisexual men and MSM founded in 2003 in the United Kingdom. The group was founded to advise health workers and organizations but activities expanded to a variety of "life chances" and related services.[1]

BGMA was one of the principle groups involved in the Stop Murder Music campaign,[2] for which it was awarded a Gay & Lesbian Award in 2007[3] and accepted the Best Advocacy Award at the Black LGBT Community Awards gala on behalf of the Stop Murder Music campaign.[4] Chair Dennis Carney, of Jamaican descent, was a principal negotiator of the Reggae Compassionate Act with artists Beenie Man, Sizzla, and Capleton.[5]

BGMA supported opposition to the inclusion of murder music artists at the Mobo Awards, with Carney arguing that, "we reject the notion that homophobia is integral to black culture."[6]



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