for the San Francisco bar of the same name, see Black Cat Bar

The Black Cat Tavern was an LGBT bar formerly located at 3909 W. Sunset Blvd. in the Silverlake section of Los Angeles, California.


In 1967, the night of New Years, several plain clothed police officers infultrated the Black Cat Tavern.[1] After arresting several patrons for kissing to celebrate the occasion,[2] the self-unidentified police officers began beating several of the patrons[3] and ultimately arrested 16 more bar attendees which included 3 bartenders.[4] The bar was established only two months prior. This created a riot in the immediate area, ultimately bringing about a more civil demonstration of over 200 attendees several days later protesting the raids.[5] The protest was met by squadrons of armed policemen.[6] It was from this event that the publication The Advocate and organization Metropolitan Community Church (lead by Pastor Troy Perry) was born.[7]

These events pre-dated the Stonewall riots by over two years.

The Black Cat Tavern has since closed and is now a gay Latin bar called Le Barcito.[8]

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