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Someone who is bi-curious does not identify as bisexual, but has an interest in both men and women to one degree or another. Someone who is bi-curious may identify as heterosexual or homosexual. In most cases, as a heterosexual person.

Description Edit

Like almost all attempts to define sexuality, there is some dispute over when the label of bi-curious is appropriate. However, it is typically accepted that a person can be considered bi-curious if:[1][2]

  1. They are contemplating, intrigued by, or otherwise attracted to the thought of crossing the boundaries of their typical sexual orientation and pursuing a romantic and/or sexual relationship with a member of the same sex (if their sexual orientation is heterosexual) or someone of the opposite sex (if their sexual orientation is homosexual).
  2. A person is seriously considering identifying as bisexual, but has yet to do so.

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South Park episode "Cartman Sucks" deals with Bi-C from a humorous perspective; Butters is labeled by his father as "bi-curious", despite being oblivious of the situation himself.

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