Between the Worlds (BTW) is an annual week-long festival and conference for gay, bisexual, transgender and queer males, 18 years old and older, to explore and celebrate alternative gay-oriented spiritualities, with a focus upon neopagan spiritualities. Having grown out of a discussion among GBTQ male participants at the 1999 Pagan Spirit Gathering, it was first held in 2002, and is usually held at a private campground in a rural part of southeastern Ohio near the city of Athens around the Autumn Equinox.

Among deities of various non-Abrahamic pagan faiths honored at the festival, Hekate, the Triple Goddess, and Dionysos, the God of Ecstasy, are held in particular importance; faiths hosted at the festival include Pagan, Nature Spirituality, Witchcraft, Norse, Hindu, Buddhism, Wicca, New Age, Thelema, Radical Faerie, Druid, Shaman, Hellenic, Ceremonial Magick, Gnostic, and African Diasporic paths.

It is organized by the Green Faerie Grove, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, a queer pagan group.

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