Bel Ami is a Bratislava-based pornographic film company established by George Duroy, who is Slovak. ("Duroy" is a pseudonym based on the protagonist of Guy de Maupassant's novel Bel Ami.) "Bel Ami" means "beautiful friend" in French.

Bel Ami's trademarks are its exceptionally beautiful, wholesome-looking, uncircumcised Eastern European models in their late teens and early to mid-twenties, with slim, mostly muscular bodies and boyish faces who often both "top" and "bottom".

The company quickly became known for its unique style of filmmaking, more romantic and professionally directed than the typical adult product. Besides hard and softcore videos, Bel Ami has also released several calendars and photo books, like Howard Roffman's The Boys of Bel Ami (2006).


Below are Bel Ami's best-known models. Most were discovered by Duroy and work or worked exclusively for him.

Some of them, like Sebastian Bonnet, work in front and behind the cameras, as producers, directors or editors. Johan Paulik, one of Bel Ami's most famous models, is the producer and the camera man of the "Johan's Journal" series, videos exclusively recorded for In those videos, Johan shows how a porn scene of Bel Ami is made: you can see models getting ready for shooting the scene, some bloopers and interviews.

Selected filmsEdit

  • Lukas' Story [1994]
  • Frisky Summer 1,2,3 [1995,1996,1998]
  • An American in Prague [1997]
  • The 101 Men series [1998-2002]
  • The Personal Trainers series [2001- to date]
  • Greek Holiday [2004]
  • Pretty Boy [2004]
  • Lukas in Love [2005]
  • Pillow Talk 1,2,3 [2006]
  • Undressed Rehearsals [2007]
  • Rebel [2007]
  • The Private Life of Brandon Manilow [2008]
  • French Kiss [2008]

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