Bear Run is a documentary film by director Dan Hunt which focused on inside views of the bear subculture from the perspectives of three bears from various backgrounds. It also features scenes from the 2006-2008 circuits for Bear Albany, International Bear Rendezvous, Bear Week – Provincetown, Bear Trek and Lazy Bear Weekend.

For the uninitiated, Bears are a diverse community of men whose body types often defy the buff-gym-body-ideal seen plastered across mainstream gay culture. Bears embrace their body, their large and hairy physiques—hence the name Bear. This rapidly growing community comes complete with its own language, customs, code system, and pride flag.

For the initiated, Bear Runs are gatherings across the world where the Bear community comes together amidst the campy and wonderfully kitschy backdrop that is the bear community. Every weekend of the year you can find a welcoming BEAR RUN to go to.

A diverse bear pack--Mike (black bear) and his partner John (classic bear), Mikhael (daddy bear) and Louie (Mr. International Cub) share one thing in common, they all have found mainstream gay culture to be unwelcoming and now are looking for acceptance and seeking community. One character tests the openness of bear culture about gender issues to see if it lives up to its values of acceptance and camaraderie. Can you guess who?

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