Barbara Behr is a fetish photographer, film director and magazine editor. She ran the HOM (House of Milan) bondage/fetish publishing company during the 1980s. HOM is also known as Lyndon Distributors/London Enterprises.

She was responsible for directing arguably the most influential bondage fetish movie of all time: Pony Girl 2: At The Ranch (CalStar) 1986. This film starred former porn star and future B-Movie scream queen Michelle Bauer (credited as Pia Sands). The male lead was played by the legendary John Green (JG-Leathers) - as the pony/slave girl trainer, and featured some of the best leather bondage gear of all time. All the pony girl harnesses and tack was made by John Green (JG-Leathers) and one of the reasons he was in the movie was he was the only one who knew how to put all the gear on the girls properly. It also starred the future porn queens Traci Lords, Desiree Foxx and Crystal Breeze.

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