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BGM is a slang acronym that stands for black gay men. The term BGM appears in the writings of Keith Boykin and many articles, magazines, and internet sites that contain information about gays, lesbians, and the transgendered.

BGM are characterized by being the more masculine counterparts to other types of black gay men, but unlike some, are comfortable and not as secretive with their sexuality. They are often well-educated, body-conscious professionals. The term is normally used in contrast to "men on the DL" (down-low).

Some try to stereotypically assign sexual roles to BGM as being a "top", but many have noted that, as with all groupings, BGM cross all roles, but are normally strictly male oriented in their selections of mates.

A few examples of BGM are Boykin himself, Karamo Brown from The Real World: Philadelphia, and the fictional character Wade Robinson (portrayed by Jensen Atwood) in the Logo network program, Noah's Arc.


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