Founded in 1976, the B.C. Gay and Lesbian Archives is a resource for the British Columbia queer community and its allies. The archives are located in Vancouver's West End, traditionally the epicenter of the city's gay and lesbian community.[1] The holdings are maintained by founder and archivist Ron Dutton, who operates the archives out of his home.[2]

The archive holdings include three quarters of a million items that span 1700 to the present, and include media; personal papers such as diaries; photographs and films; and reports from the government and academic researchers. Dutton strives to maintain a diverse collection, particularly focusing on women, people of colour, two-spirited people, and people with disabilities, whose histories are often underrepresented by Vancouver's white- and male-dominated media.[1] The archive users are largely academic researchers and the media, as well as university students, authors, filmmakers, and representatives of gay and lesbian community organizations.[1] For example, it has been a major resource for AIDS Vancouver as they sought to document thirty years of HIV/AIDS history in the Vancouver area.[3]

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