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B-Girlz is a musical/dance group composed of drag queens Hard Kora and Barbara Quigley or "Barbie-Q".

The group formed in Toronto in the mid-1990s in a neighbourhood nightclub. Since then it has performed in amateur theater, appeared in film and on television, and written numerous musical and video works. B-Girlz has performed across North America.

Television appearances include Queer as Folk (Showcase/Showtime), Mass Appeal (Bravo), several appearances on the Comedy Network, and two appearances on Toronto 1’s flagship show, The Toronto Show. B-Girlz has been in Showcase Pride Week ads as well as their Homopalooza and Instructional Film commercials for Showcase’s Queer As Folk.


B-Girlz has written, created and produced three short films (The Elevator, The Dress and Canada's Next Top Showgirl), as well as a musical video tribute (Toronto! Toronto!!) which screened at the opening gala of the 2004 Inside Out Festival in Toronto and featured a cameo by local celebrity politician Olivia Chow. The films have been screened in film festivals in Toronto; San Francisco; Sydney; Johannesburg; Dallas; Vancouver; Washington; Palm Springs; and more.

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