axm was a British lifestyle digital magazine aimed at young gay and bisexual men.

The magazine ceased publication of printed magazines after December 2008 due to financial downturn. It was subsequently converted to an online-only format, but only one edition was ever produced.

Its content was heavily based on fashion-, sex- and health-related features. It also has reviews on music, film and gay nightlife.

It was owned by Millivres Prowler Group who acquired it from Blue Maverick Media in April 2006[1] Millivres Prowler are also the publishers of Gay Times, which targets a generally older readership with more political coverage.

AXM was given a new look for its January 2008 issue, having previously titled itself in lowercase. Axm magazine was originally called Axiom magazine and was created by Paul Disney in 1996 as a guide to gay men 's health including HIV. It went from a freebie magazine on the gay scene to a paid for publication in 2000. For its time it was a forward thinking magazine that used irony and an ability to laugh at itself in getting messages over to the gay community concerning health issues that needed addressing such as why is it that gay men are more prone to depression than their straight counterparts etc.

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