Atzat Nefesh (Hebrew: עצת נפש‎) is an Orthodox Jewish organization based in Israel. It was founded in 2001 by Abinr. It addresses people who are "struggling with problems" of homosexuality, "keeping the covenant" (masturbation), and what the organization calls "sexual obsessions": surfing to pornographic websites, visiting prostitutes and others. It also serves those who have been victims of sexual abuse. It operates a hotline[1] and several support groups in Israel. It teaches that with the proper treatment, it is possible to change one's sexual orientation, and if married, develop true love for one's spouse.[2] One young man said he tried the program, and it didn't work. He spent years in the program, talking to different rabbis trying to find a cure. He has since left the program sine he felt change was impossible and the program fed him false promises.[3]

The organization has actively promoted heterosexuality at several events. In the Anti-gay pride protest, volunteers handed out material from Atzat Nefesh.[4] However, Atzat Nefesh worried that many people were too focused on protesting homosexuality rather than helping those who were confused. Abinr said "Some people have concentrated on protesting the event itself, but they don't realize that after it's all over, it will leave much damage in its wake."[5]

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