Athens Boys Choir is a transgender spoken word duo based in Athens, Georgia.[1] Formerly comprised of Katz and Rocket, Katz now tours solo. Athens Boys Choir signed with Daemon Records in 2004 and subsequently released the debut album Rhapsody in T.[2] Rose Cuts the Cake, Athens Boys Choir's second album, was released in September 2005.

Athens Boys Choir has toured the United States extensively, sharing bills with artists such as Bitch of Bitch and Animal, The Butchies, Sini Anderson, Cliterati, Kate Clinton, Scott Turner Schofield, Girlyman, Amy Ray and Ani DiFranco.

"The Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray once said of the Athens performer, 'Katz makes room for the evolution of a movement. He doesn’t shy away from questioning his own community and [he] has potential to be a leader to his generation of queers and a bridge to an older generation.'"[2]

In 2006, Katz/Athens Boys Choir toured and performed with Scott Turner Schofield (formerly KT Kilborn) in "The Southern Gents Tour".[3]

Athens Boys Choir was active in the 2004 fight against Georgia's Amendment 1, which banned same sex marriage. Katz and Rocket are vocal proponents of LGBT and transgender rights.

Discography Edit

  • Rhapsody in T, Daemon Records, 2004
  • Rose Cuts the Cake, Daemon Records, 2005
  • Jockstraps And Unicorns, Twinkle Toes Records, 2007

References Edit

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