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The Asian Lesbian Film and Video Festival (ALFF) is a film festival held for the first time in Taiwan from August 5 to August 10, 2005, before touring Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Beijing. It is scheduled to be held annually across different Asian countries.

Its goals are:

  • to represent lesbians
  • to build a forum for local lesbian communities
  • to provide an Asian alternative to Euro/America-centered works
  • to increase communication and creation internationally within Asia ("inter-Asia").

The festival showcases films and videos primarily made by girls and women in Asia about their lesbian (lazi / lala / tongzhi / t / po) lives and desires. It discusses visibility, media representation, gender and sexuality, relationships among women, family and community, violence and social justice, and the lesbian social movement. The selected works come from countries including Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and Canada, and include works from overseas Chinese and Taiwanese).

The festival is organized by Gender / Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan with programming support from the Institute for Tongzhi Studies, City University of New York, and Spectra Studio for Asian Queer Media.

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