Ashikaga Yoshimochi (足利 義持? March 12, 1386February 3, 1428) was the 4th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who reigned from 1394 to 1423 during the Muromachi period of Japan. Yoshimochi was the son of the third shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.[1]

In 1394, Yoshimitsu gave up his title in favor of his young son, and Yoshimochi was formally confirmed in his office as Seii Taishogun.[1] Despite any appearance of retirement, the old shogun didn't abandon any of his powers, and Yoshimitsu continued to maintain authority over the shogunate until his death . Yoshimochi exercised unfettered power as shogun only after his father died in 1408.[2]

Significant events shape the period during which Yoshimochi was shogun:

  • 1408—Yoshimochi comes into his own as a shogun.[3]
  • 1409 -- Ashikaga Mochiuji becomes Kantō Kubō.[3]
  • 1411—Yoshimochi breaks off relations with China.[4]
  • 1413 -- Emperor Go-Komatsu abdicates; Emperor Shōkō ascends throne in repudiation of agreement; renewed hostility between shogunate and supporters of Southern Court.[3]
  • 1415—Dissension between Mochiuji, the Kantō Kubō at Kamakura, and Uesugi Zenshū (Kanryō).[4]
  • 1416—Uesugi rebells.[3]
  • 1417—Uesugi's rebellion quelled by Mochiuji.[4]
  • 1419—Korean attack on Tsushima (Ōei Invasion).[4]
  • 1420—Serious famine with great loss of life.[4]
  • 1422—Resuragence of southern supporters.[3]
  • 1423—Yoshimochi cedes authority to his son.[3]

Yoshimochi followed his father's example by formally ceding his powers to a young son, the fifth shogun Ashikaga Yoshikazu, who was age 18.[5]

Era of Yoshimochi's bakufuEdit

The years in which Yoshimochi was shogan are more specifically identified by more than one era name or nengō.[6]


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Preceded by:
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu
Muromachi Shogun:
Ashikaga Yoshimochi

Succeeded by:
Ashikaga Yoshikazu

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