An armbinder is a device for binding someone's arms behind their back. It is often used as a synonym for monoglove but there are other sorts of armbinder, consisting of a series of straps or two gloves and some straps or muffs.

Armbinders are often made of leather, as it combines strength and softness against the skin. Other common materials are rubber, reinforced latex, calico/denim and metal. Depending on the style, a wide variety of fittings and closures are used, from laces through zips and Velcro to padlocks. Some Zentai suits have fixtures that make armbinding easy.

Using an armbinder other than a monoglove allows for a greater variety of positions that the bottom can be placed in. Although armbinders are commonly portrayed with the arms restrained behind the back, many of them allow for the arms to be bound in front, enabling flogging or other activities to take place easily. Even when the arms are still restrained behind, they can be put in other positions, such as the Reverse prayer position.

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