Arizona Proposition 107 was a proposed same-sex marriage ban, put before voters by ballot initiative in the 2006 General Election. If passed, it would have prohibited the state of Arizona from recognizing same-sex marriages or civil unions. The state currently has a statute defining marriage as union between a man and a woman. It also prevents recognition of same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.[1]

This proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution won only 48.2% of the vote with 51.2% voting against, making Arizona the first U.S. state to vote down a state marriage amendment. (Several states approved similar measures between 1998 and 2006.)

The proposition was backed by the Protect Marriage Arizona coalition, which included the Center for Arizona Policy and United Families Arizona. The proposition was primarily opposed by the Arizona Together coalition, which included the Arizona Human Rights Fund and the Human Rights Campaign.

Official title Edit

An Initiative Measure

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona; amending the Constitution of Arizona; by adding Article XXX; relating to the protection of marriage

Electoral Results Edit

County [1] Yes No
Apache County 49% (6,975) 51% (7,250)
Cochise County 56% (17,588) 44% (13,962)
Coconino County 41% (13,144) 59% (19,152)
Gila County 52% (7,610) 48% (6,951)
Graham County 69% (5,133) 31% (2,336)
Greenlee County 56% (1,077) 44% (834)
La Paz County 52% (1,833) 48% (1,703)
Maricopa County 49% (301,876) 51% (316,264)
Mohave County 57% (20,768) 43% (15,575)
Navajo County 56% (12,120) 44% (9,584)
Pima County 43% (94,502) 57% (127,356)
Pinal County 52% (27,241) 48% (25,387)
Santa Cruz County 45% (3,469) 55% (4,199)
Yavapai County 52% (28,808) 48% (26,606)
Yuma County 56% (11,167) 44% (8,726)

References Edit

  1. Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 25 - Marital and Domestic Relations (2007-09-18).

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