Antonia San Juan (Born May 22,1961 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) is a Spanish actress, director and screenwriter. At 19 she went to Madrid, where she started working as a professional theater actress and also as a cabaret act in pubs and bars. She became known thanks to her role as Agrado in Todo sobre mi madre by Pedro Almodóvar. A famous Spanish magazine article about her transsexuality caused great controversy . She is well known in Spain not only because of her film career but also for her humorous monologues on television and theater.

Filmography Edit

  • La china (2005)
  • Un buen día (2005)
  • Un dulce despertar (2005)
  • El hambre (2005)
  • La maldad de las cosas (2005)
  • La nevera (2005)
  • Mela y sus hermanas (2004)
  • Te llevas la palma (2004)
  • 238 (2003)
  • Colours (2003)
  • Octavia (2002)
  • La balsa de piedra (2002)
  • Amnèsia (2002)
  • Piedras (2002)
  • Venganza (2002))
  • V.O. (2001)
  • El pan de cada día, El (2000)
  • Asfalto (2000)
  • Ataque verbal (1999)
  • Manolito Gafotas (1999)
  • Todo sobre mi madre (1999)
  • Hongos (1999)
  • La primera noche de mi vida (1998)
  • El grito en el cielo (1998)
  • Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí (1997)
  • La vida siempre es corta (1994

References Edit

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