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Aneros is a line of patented male sex toys anatomically designed to massage and stimulate the prostate for sexual pleasure. The Aneros was originally developed by HIH, LLC in 1996 as a device for prostate massage, intended as an alternative means to treat a variety of prostate problems like prostatitis and BPH. Users of the device for health reasons noticed palpable sexual benefits as well.[citation needed]

The Aneros is known as the Enemagra in Japan.


The Aneros is made from a hard, non-porous FDA-approved plastic material called Acetal. The Aneros is composed of three main components -- the head, the perineum abutment tab, and the handle.

  • The head automatically pivots when the man contracts his Pubococcygeus muscle, directly massaging the prostate.
  • The perineum abutment tab simultaneously massages the perineum acupressure point.
  • The handle provides stability and is used when inserting and removing the Aneros.

Hands-Free MechanismEdit

The Aneros was designed to convert the anal sphincter’s natural motions and contractions directly into stimulation of the prostate and perineum without any manual intervention. The Aneros can be used for masturbation or during sexual intercourse.

In Japan: The EnemagraEdit

The Aneros is known as the Enemagra in Japan. The Enemagra has a large following in Japan, where it has been featured in several adult films and spawned several imitations. A fan of the device even wrote a 330-page book called Enemagra Bible: The Complete Manual of Dry Orgasm.

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