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Alexandre Frota (born October 14, 1964 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is an actor and model who became a pornographic actor. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Frota made regular appearances as an actor in Brazilian telenovelas (soap operas).

Frota became popular in Portugal when he participated in TVI's reality shows Quinta das Celebridades (2004) and "Primeira Companhia" (2005). He wrote an autobiography, Show de Bola. He has also appeared in G Magazine.

Telenovelas (soap operas) Edit

Guest appearancesEdit

Reality showsEdit

  • Casa dos Artistas (2001)
  • Quinta das Celebridades (2004)
  • 1ª Companhia (2005)

Porn movies Edit

  • Obsessão (2003)
  • A Bela e o Prisioneiro (2004)
  • Sexo, Suor e Samba (2004)
  • 11 Mulheres e Nenhum Segredo (2005)
  • Invasão de Privacidade (2005) (DVD cover on the right)
  • Anal Total 10 (2006)
  • Garoto de Programa (2006)

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