Alex Vause I'm piper yes can we talk yes what is it I'm afraid seeing someone who is it lizzie kerr why her because she is my girlfriend she yes I understand now I have to go to her ok what she live 46 tulle street Greystone road WARWICK road C A 1 2 b a CUMBRIA Carlisle come upstairs in her bedroom lizzie KERR yes who is it ALEX VAUSE can you let me in please yes LIZZIE KERR hello how are you doing today I'm just tried right do you want me yes I do okay if you want me you will tell me what to do right I promise or right do anything you say ok I be thinking yes would you kiss me right now yes I will oh babe let me get your bags packed come with me settle in night at hotel yes please I will let`s go in my car yes get in front yes put on your seat belt on less go to hotel or right we are here yes we are here at hotel right yes can we help you yes I book in hotel yes your name please ALEX VAUSE and my girlfriend LIZZIE KERR I cause you can double room yes keys room 9 yes fine we welcome to hotel thank you so much right less go ok here we in 9 yes we are then get settle in right what generous room here yes it does lot me too oh babe I love you too yes so am I want to say will you marry me yes I will are you generous yes you are interested woman I know well what we cloud do sexual relationship with you right now yes ok than less do it now suddenly your girlfriend lizzie kerr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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