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Transgender and transsexual people may face difficulty when trying to access amenities, such as toilets and change rooms, when presenting as their chosen gender.

History Edit

Public toilets Edit

Gender-separated public toilets are often difficult to negotiate for transgender, gender variant or androgynous people, who may be subject to embarrassment, harassment, assault or arrest by others offended by the presence of a person they interpret as not being of the same gender (whether due to their outward presentation or their genital status). Transgender people have been arrested for using bathrooms that correspond to their gender of identification, as well as bathrooms that correspond to the sex they were born with.

Alternatives to gender-segregated toilets Edit

Many existing public toilets are gender-neutral. Some public places, such as facilities targeted to the transgendered or LGBT communities and a handful of universities and offices, provide individual washrooms that are not gender-specified specifically to respond to the concerns of gender-variant people. This remains very rare and often controversial.[1] Various courts have ruled on whether transgendered people have the right to use the washroom of their gender of identification.[2]

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References Edit

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