228 Memorial Park (or 228 Memorial Peace Park), originally Taipei New Park, is a historic park located in Zhongzheng district. Primarily built by Japanese in 1908, the park was the first European style urban park in Taiwan. On February 28, 1947, an angry crowd took over the Taipei Broadcasting Station in the park to broadcast accusations against Nationalist administration, placing the park at the center of the 228 Incident.

After the park was renamed, the 228 Monument was erected at the center of the park, with the National Taiwan Museum on the northern side, and Taipei 228 Memorial Museum on the southeastern side.

The park has been a major gathering place for gay men in Taipei City for many years. Writer Pai Hsien-yung wrote stories that took place in the park. The first Taiwan Pride, the annual gay pride parade, started from the 228-Memorial park.

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