The 2010 Southeastern United States high school prom controversies are two incidents which took place in February–March 2010 in the states of Mississippi and Georgia regarding the admittance of same-sex couples to high school prom events.


Itawamba County Agricultural High School kicked out a 16 year old transgender student, Juin Baize in February 2010. The school district later cancelled its 2010 senior prom because Constance McMillen had requested to bring her girlfriend as her prom partner and dress in a tuxedo.


Derrick Mason (born 1992) is a resident of Bleckley County, Georgia who achieved notoriety in March 2010 when he was allowed by Bleckley County High School to bring his boyfriend, Richard Goodman, to his senior prom. His parents responded by kicking him out of his house, and oppositional parents held rallies against the school's decision.

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