This is a list of notable events in the history of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights that took place in the year 1971.

Events Edit

  • Frank Kameny becomes the first openly gay candidate for the United States Congress when he runs in the first election for the District of Columbia's non-voting delegate to Congress.
  • The Front homosexuel d'action révolutionnaire (Homosexual Front for Revolutionary Action) forms in France.[1]

March Edit

  • 18 — Idaho decriminalizes homosexual acts between consenting adults, but the repeal is itself repealed before taking effect.[2]
  • 24 — In a case granting citizenship to a Cuban man, a federal judge rules that homosexuality alone cannot bar a person from becoming a United States citizen.[2]

April Edit

  • 1 — The French magazine Tout is seized by police, who characterize its call for sexual liberation in that country an "outrage to public morals".[3]

July Edit

  • 1
  • 10 — Austria decriminalizes homosexual acts between consenting adults.[5]
  • 21 — George Klippert is released from prison, two years after homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada.

October Edit

  • 1 — Connecticut decriminalizes homosexual acts between consenting adults.[5]
  • 12 — The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recommends the repeal of a city law banning homosexuals from working in or going to bars.[6]

November Edit

December Edit

  • 14 — The U.S. gay rights activist group Gay Activists Alliance protest in front of the Suffolk County, New York, police headquarters after two members were arrested for sodomy.

Births Edit

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Deaths Edit

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Notes Edit

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References Edit

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