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  • California state assemblyman Willie Brown starts an annual tradition of introducing legislation to repeal the state's sodomy law. He would finally succeed in 1975.
  • Paragraph 175 eased in West Germany.
  • Paul Goodman publishes The Politics of Being Queer

May Edit

  • 14 — Canada decriminalizes homosexual acts between consenting adults with the passage of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69.
  • 18 — Fight Repression of Erotic Expression ("FREE"), later to be called the Queer Student Cultural Center, is formed at the University of Minnesota in the United States. It is the first gay and lesbian organization in the state, and the first gay and lesbian college student-led group in the country.

June Edit

July Edit

October Edit

  • 31 — Time magazine runs a cover story entitled, "The Homosexual in America." The article's writer refers to homosexuals as mentally ill and immoral.

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