12 Days is a dramatic Original English language manga by June Kim which details twelves days of the life of a woman dealing with grief over the loss of her lover. The manga has been published in the United States by Tokyopop. The graphic novel is a departure from the usual format of Tokyopop's global manga in that it is a stand alone volume and contains more mature subject matter, the loss of Jackie's lesbian lover and how she subsequently deals with that loss.

Plot Edit

On her honeymoon, Jackie's lover Noah was killed along with Noah's new husband. Nick, Noah's brother, delivers Noah's ashes to Jackie who mixes them into the drinks that Jackie consumes in order to have her lost love become part of her.[1]

Characters Edit

Jackie - The heroine of the tale. She is a young woman who is struggling with the grief of losing her lover twice, once to marriage and then to death.

Nick - Jackie's drinking buddy and the brother of her former lover.

Noah - The deceased lover of Jackie whose ashes she is consuming.

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