'68 is a film, directed by Steven Kovacs and released in 1988, showing a full year in the lives of a Hungarian family living in San Francisco in 1968.

Plot Edit

The father escaped the Soviet invasion of Budapest and now runs a Hungarian restaurant that is not doing well financially. The younger of his two sons is gay and struggling with coming out. His dad disowns him when he finally does. The older son is involved in the hippie scene, gets kicked out of college, buys a motorcycle, starts dating a Maoist, and is also disowned by his father. The older of the sons runs afoul of some outlaw bikers; the younger of the two sons gets drafted but is rejected because of homosexuality. The older one joins his younger brother in a gay rights protest.

Critical reaction Edit

Steven Kovacs was nominated for the Critics' Award in the 1988 Deauville Film Festival.

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